• Is the Progressive Auto Insurance Snapshot Device a Big Flo, Obama Conspiracy to Track Americans

    October 16, 2011 9:58 am 7 comments

    Progressive Auto Insurance is a company that has drawn heavy criticism due to scandalous commercials and profiteering schemes that violate bona-fide confidence in moral business practice.  Under the heat of controversy, the company began a television campaign which featured its mascot, Flo, being a more accesisble, flirtacious figure to the Everyman, an attempt to connect with the fathers of America who yearn to be desired by women, to know ‘they still have it’.

    But sadly we see with the trust earned in this new advertising campaign, Progressive is launching a new product called “The Snapshot Device”.  This device has the power to track one’s every driving move, from braking, to speed, to turns, to location.  In light of the Patriot Act that Obama is enforcing, can Americans really trust big business to not be the whipping boy of the White House?

    This technology can easily be used by Obama to track down his political enemies and do them in, a political practice not uncommon to Kenya and other scary Islamic countries.  With the 2012 election around the corner and Perry, Cain and Romney all able to easily defeat Obama, we have to expect the ‘president’ is going to use his remaining powers to coerce American businesses to do his bidding.  Since every American needs auto insurance, what better way of insuring all Americans can be illegally tracked than by putting one of these devices in this ‘discount’ arsenal of every insurance company, then making up a fake FCC ordiance saying all tracking records must also be sent directly to Washington?

    It’s a daring scheme and the most plausible reason for why a company would offer auto insurance discounts such as this, when the economy is in a recession.

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