• Italian Diver Shows Ability to Hypnotize Sharks by rubbing ampullae of Lorenzini

    October 22, 2011 3:49 am 3 comments
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    Pat Heinkel

    An Italian diver showed her ability to put sharks into a trance-like state.  This should definitely not be tried by anyone but a trained professional who knows exactly what they are doing.  This shark is over 10-feet-long and ordinarily could put a nasty bite to your flesh.  But this diver has mastered a technique where she has rubbed the shark’s ampullae of Lorenzini, a group of gelatinous pores about the animals cephalic region, namely the nose and mouth.  This technique is not just for show, it’s to manually check on sharks in the Caribbean and remove things like fishing hooks from the mouth of sharks in the area.

    When the shark is in this trance it must be vertically balanced, as demonstrated in this image.



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