• Japanese Create Pocky Kissing Face Anime Robot (Onshowsui)

    October 22, 2011 10:38 am 11 comments

    The Japanese are at it again.  This time they are using their unprecedented ability for quick, meticulous work to create a new breed of robotic called ‘The Pocky’.

    The name is designed to sound like a trendy Asian candy but there is nothing sweet about this new ‘robotic game experience’ the Japaenese have planned for your cihldren.

    As you all know, anime is the Japanese word for pornographics.  It is the word used by Japanese to ship all sorts of improper materials into America and corrupt our media, toy market and lifestyle.  This latest invention may be one of the most technological sophisticated and is to be the first of an entire new line of anime called “Onshowsui”.

    This Onshowsui is the Japanese word for ‘Cutting-edge Perversion’.  To celebrate the launch of this new anime brand, the Japanese have created Pocky Game Kissing Parties, where and please sit down before you read this, parents, where during these games our sons and daughters will be able to ‘e-kiss’ each other from any person on Earth.

    This means that when your child is using ICQ or Facebook, that someone can message them like this.  Just watch this sample:

    TwaddleProdder103 – Laughs out loud!  What do you think about this new Pocky Kissing Game!

    Sarah (your daughter) – I’m scare to try it, my dad is ITOR.  Who are you?

    TwaddleProdder103 – I’m just like your age and but from Japan.  Laughts out loud!

    Sarah (your daughter) – Oh wow!  You’re so neat you’re from Japan!

    TwaddleProdder103 – Do you want to mouth kiss a pretty Japanese belle?  (sending picture)

    Sarah (your daughter) – You’re so pretty, but Daddy told me that I should not trust strangers and I will burn in hell if I kiss you because mouth acts between two women is a sin.

    TwaddleProdder103 – Do you think Katy Perry’s music is really cool and neat!  Didn’t she kissed a girl and she liked it!

    Sarah (your daughter) – Ohhh.  Yes, you’re right.  That song was catchy and I listen to it on my iTunes.  I sneaked it on there.  Oh, okay!  My friend has a Pocky and the Onshowsui software.  Let us mouth kiss!

    TwaddleProdder103 – Yay!  Let’s get ready to kiss long time!

    Sarah (your daughter) – This is really exciting and it feels real!

    TwaddleProdder103 – We should totally meet-up and kiss 4real!

    Sarah (your daughter) – Would you really fly here to meet me and hang out at the mall?

    TwaddleProdder103 – Yes, that is a great idea and I will!  Let us meet at the Jonehill Mall that’s 1.3 miles from your home on Saturday at 4:15 pm.  I will be in a black van! Okay!

    Sarah (your daughter) – Okay.

    TwaddleProdder103 – Don’t tell ur parents laughs out loud!

    Sarah (your daughter) – I won’t!  See you on Saturday!

    Lies and deceit! This technology combines the power of Facebook chat with virtual touching! Look how easily your daughter came up missing and we all now have to see it on Nancy Grace because the Japanese are enabling diddlers to trick our children behind our backs!

    Look at this Japanese filth technology and I spit on it!

    The Pocky Robots burn just fine in fire and if you see it, burn it! Facebook can be easily accessed and if your daughter has an account, delete it! If she says she has no Facebook, she lies! If she refuses to tell you the password, take away her computer, her cellar iPhone iCloud perversion enabler and locked her in her room! It will keep her safe from Mr. Pocky Pocky sucky sucky you make my juice flow Japanese impersonator Time in the black van!

    Oh, they had it good in the Middle Ages. We could show up to factories, drag their scientists out, tar and feather them and then leave them to starve in a tower until they renounced their careless liberal fornicating atheism!

    My friends, it is great to be loving parents and to look out for the safety of our little gumballs. There is nothing that frustrates Satan more than a loving, caring and protective parent. So let’s give him a stomach ulcer and ban our children from Facebook and anything that looks like Japan is involved.

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