• Joey Lauren Adams, Lesbians and the Presidential Marijuana Debate: Can We Really trust Kevin Smith

    October 19, 2011 7:06 am 5 comments

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    We all know the lovely actress Joey Lauren Adams from films such as Chasing Amy.  In the movie, Joey Lauren Adams managed to canoodle many women with the dangerous embrace of soft-faced, humorous lesbianism, a archetype perfected by the strangely addictive Ellen DeGeneres.

    In year’s past, we analyzed Chasing Amy and were up in arms over the amount of lesbians born of the Kevin Smith movie, but research finally revealed one startling detail.  Joey Lauren Adams was not a lesbian!

    In fact, during the film, insiders we interviewed in Hollywood revealed Adams was dating Kevin Smith, the rebel-rouser from the liberal suburban parts of the midwest.

    After Adams was released from Kevin Smith’s grasps, she returned to normal and has had a decent career and blessed body through the ages.  But around the movies of Kevin Smith, we’ve continually seen other destructive concepts and controversy emerge:  kryptonite flesh wrap parties, high marriage infidelity, devirgining moral adults and finally, the legalization of mary jane in the United States.

    It’s this last topic that should have us all concerned.  For years, we’ve let Kevin Smith fly under the radar but we can now see this man is a liberal mastermind.  Through his popular movies, he’s slowly been converting the minds of the young voting bloc to have liberal thoughts and habits.  Why is it that in the states where Kevin Smith’s movies have the highest turnout, we have:  high DC comics sales, high divorce rates, diseased adults before marriage and most terrifying today, the majority of presidential candidates discussing the possibility of legalized marijuana in every state!

    I can feel it in my gut, my friends, I can feel it really deep that we must study this Kevin Smith.  His movie powers are that of JRK Tolkien and Stephanie Meyer combined.  He has a hold on this natino’s youth and he’s forcing the hands of politicians with his snark and Jewish commentary on society.  We must make a point to analyze all future movies of this Kevin Smith and that’s what we will do.  The connection between Kevin Smith and growing liberalism in this Godly nation shall be revealed.

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