• Lady Gaga Seduces Democrat President Bill Clinton with Marilyn Monroe Routine, Serandes of Affair in the Air?

    October 16, 2011 8:12 am 4 comments

    Yet another Democrat has been shmoozled by a busty, pseudo-blonde bombshell. It was Matt Drudge who broke the story of Clinton having his kabob mouth-grilled by a hungry, hungry intern in a French beret, and now today we see Slick Willy is still lying under oath.

    Clinton claimed his marriage is better in his book My Life, but if that’s the case, why was Lady Gaga pulling the Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy Birthday Mr. Pwesident routine’ with the former Commander in Briefs at his belated 65th birthday party and 10th anniversary for the Clinton foundation?

    A dissheveled Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment after Lady Gaga’s Monroe treatment for Bill, but rest assured her face was angry and she had to be livid to know her husband may be having a horizontal thrust affair with the “Born this Way” star.

    During the concert, Lady Gaga was in no way shy about implying the affair between herself and Clinton.   She opened up by eyeing Bill Clinton from the stage and playfully unbuttoning her corset.  As the crowd sat, shocked, by the forwardness of Gaga’s actions, Lady Gaga seductively whispered into the microphone, “Bill, I’m having my first real Marilyn Monroe moment.”

    She then went into her croony rendition of Happy Birthday, as performed by Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy, right after their night of a sweaty rompus.  After the ceremony, Gaga was seen playing with Clinton’s shoulder and stated, “I always wanted to have one.  And I was hoping it didn’t involve an accident with some pills and a strand of pearls.”

    Later in the evening, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton sat down next to Bill, Lady Gaga staring at them with ornery interest.  Unashamed in approach, onlookers caught Gaga loudly stating to Bill, “I wish you were playing sex with me tonight, baby.”  She winked her eye and sauntered off, Hillary visibly upset and storming off while Clinton simply shrugged his shoulders.

    Ashton Kutcher was at the event and give Bill Clinton a high-five, followed by “Really?”  Attendees reported Clinton simply smiled.

    Back on stage, Lady Gaga continually stripped off pieces of her biege body suit and made sexual innuendo to the former president. The singer rewrote the lyrics to “Bad Romance” to read “Bill Romance”, then thrusted her crotch in the direct direction of Bill Clinton’s somewhat blushing face.  “Tonight, we’ll all get caught up in a little ‘Bill Romance’”, joked Gaga.  She continued with a smirk and a wink, “It’s a good thing I used to dance in bars, right, Bill?”

    Before exiting the stage, Gaga performed the song “Goverment Hooker” and then stated to the crowd, “If someone had told me so many years ago that I’d be doing Bill Clinton right in front of you I would not believe them.  I just wanted to give him [Bill Clinton] a good American f–k you.”

    Other attendees at the event included the legendary Stevie Wonder, who performed “Sir Duke”, Grace Potter, Usher who had a wardrobe malfunction on stage, Bono, The Edge, Kenny Chesney and K’naan Juanes.  Ellen Degeneres, a visibly drunken with fame Ashton Kutcher, and Maria Bella were also in attendance.

    No statement has been given by Hillary Clinton about the implied affair at time of report.

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