• Leave Amber Cole Alone Video Response, Giving Head on Fox News, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr Run for their Money

    October 18, 2011 9:48 am 10 comments

    The raw emotion surrounding an alleged “Amber Cole Video” on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has given the talking heads on Fox News a run for their money.

    While its questioned if the video that allegedly shows a person engaged in an immoral act actually exists, it’s

    the culture surrounding the video and implications that are the true concern for parents.

    Every young person today has a cell phone and as we saw with the release of Apple’s new iPhone, all phones are now coming standard with HD video cameras, video recorders, instant ability to communicate and send pictures, videos and upload everything to YouTube or any other site.  So in comes the story of the Amber Cole video.

    Like most parents, I really hope this is just another internet rumor.  But the scary thing is this can happen to anyone.  How many of your children go out with friends, for a night of just ‘going to the game’ or ‘swiming by the mall and then McDonalds, then some bowling’.  How are we to know they are not doing illicit things behind our backs, until a video pops up on Facebook and ruins their life.  Or maybe Twitter or Tumblr.  It is very hard to say.

    But what we do know is that today’s parents must be as vigilant as ever.  All phones given to our children should have GPS on it, so we can know where are kids are at all times.  Any data on a phone should be accessible by you.  Your son or daughter’s Facebook, Tumblr page and Twitter page should all have passwords that you are given, so you can access your child’s personal life whenever you feel the urge.

    These are all vital, necessary parenting tips.

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