• Liam Warriner Moons Queen Elizabeth in Brisbane, Australia – Random Acts of Gayness

    October 24, 2011 4:27 pm 3 comments
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  • Queen Elizabeth II in Brisbane, Australia, on Oct. 24 (© Jodie Richter/AP)

    The Gay Agenda has now joined the protestors of Occupy Wall Street and today made their merger national headlines in a big way.  News reports allege an Australian youth named Liam Warriner was the victim of gay subliminal messaging.  The young man was simply a part of OccupyAustralia and protesting on the street, when suddenly he had an urge to pull down his trousers and moon the Queen of England.

    “It was so fast and sudden.  One second she’s looking regal in her pastel hat, the next, horrified and outrunning her guard,” said a visibly shaken Kathryn Thomas, mother of 3.

    Adam Stokes added, “It was like a wild crock had just bent over in front of her and spread its bum!  She looked horrified.  God rest his soul, I wish Steve Irwin was here to wrangle that heckler.”

    The moon attack on the Queen did visibly shake the aged monarch.  She ran a good 20-feet before relenting and falling into the arms of her entourage.

    The gays behind this have posted on http://homogayagenda.com:

    “We take full responsibility for brainwashing the protestor and causing him to moon the Queen.  She represents the worst of wealth exploitation and got an eyeful of the moon we love to see every night.  Two birds, one stone.  Be warned,  Random Acts of Gayness will continue to occur until the Wall Street protestors are taken seriously and gay marriage is allowed in the US.  The attacks can occur anywhere.

    - A Gay Near You.”

    Queen Elizabeth’s mental health evaluation was not available at time of report.

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