• Libertarians Make Bad Life Guards

    October 14, 2011 3:34 am 7 comments

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    Pat Heinkel

    One of the newest tactics from the left is instigating a terrible falsehood:  all Republicans are cold, heartless people who are modeled after a quack named Ron Paul.

    Dr. Ron Paul is a gynecologist who believes people without health insurace should be left to die, the federal government needs no money, feudalism is the best system of governance and that everyone should have slaves and slapped wives.  These values are of course against the GOP, the party of progress.

    The GOP has brought many freedoms to this great nation and it will continue to do so for years to come.  People like Ron Paul are fringe elements ruining the image and truth about the GOP.  Libertarians are a third party: Paul is just trying to garner more attention for himself by claiming he is a Republican, because he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.  How is could someone say the people of Joplin should have been left to rot?

    I say if Libertarians hate our country, move them to a Mexican drug town and tell them to ‘earn’ their territory, just like our forefathers did.  Once the Mexicans have them cornered, their women and children ravaged and husbands trying to figure out how to fight off the last of the ruthless killers, they can call the federal government for help and we can laugh at them, because there is no way the US needs money to pay for an army or national guard.  And meddling in international politics?  They shouldn’t have let us airdrop them down there in the first place, idiots.  Of course we’re not going to help you.

    Libertarians are the polar opposite of the Occupy Wall Street people, they just swinged the reverse way on the compass to reach the same point.  They are spoiled idiots who have no place in this nation.

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