• Lindsay Lohan to Pose for Playboy?

    October 25, 2011 8:06 am 13 comments
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  • Just in time for Halloween, everyone’s favorite actress and model citizen Lindsay Lohan is going to bare herself in an upcoming edition of Playboy Magazine.  Long renown for its sterling articles and being the legacy of classic swooner Hugh Heffner, Playboy is opening its pages to Lindsay to add some decoration to its hard-hitting articles, the reason why most men subscribe to the magazine.

    In all seriousness, sources in Los Angeles tell us that Lindsay is purportedly disrobing for this feature and you may just get a view of her Lohan-making factory.  So in all, you’ll be just like any other guy with a dime-sack she comes across in Hollywood.  Oh, Jerry!  That’s not nice.

    What’s also not nice?  Not going to the morgue on time when a judge punishes you to do suchOr sniffing crackOr running over a baby’s stroller in your Maserati and driving away from the scene.  Or…well, you get my drift.

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