• Medical Malpractice & Fraud: Why Dr. House, MD is Bad For Your Health

    October 2, 2011 8:42 pm 39 comments

    There is a new Reality Television show creeping on to our televisions via the FOX Network, not to be confused with FOX News Network, the only Fair and Unbiased News source other than Christwire. This show is called Dr. House, MD.

    Now before I explain why this show needs to be banned from the airwaves, I need to give you a little history to shut the “pieholes” of all the commentors who will start yelling “This is NOT a new show”. You would only be partially correct. This show originally started back in the early 80s, except back then it was a scripted show called Dr. Houser, MD. It starred a homogay actor named Neil Patrick Harris. After the show was cancelled, Neil Patrick Harris changed his name to Gregory House (his character’s name from the early show), and went off to College at John Hopkins University where he excelled at his studies and was a front-runner for a coveted internship at the Mayo Clinic. This is when the producers of the NEW Reality Show stepped in and asked him to not intern at the Mayo Clinic, but instead sign on to do this Reality Show and he took a job working at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

    Here is a picture from the Early Show:

    And here is one from the New Reality Show. Notice that Neil Patrick Harris did not age well:

    Now that I have shut up the naysayers, we can move on to the reasons this show should be banned from Television.

    #1. He is Sexist.

    He hates women due to his homosexuality, therefore he only hires one female at a time to be on his “Team”. He does the just to appease his boss. If he had his way, he would be surrounded by nothing but Young Twinks to service his “needs”. He forces these women to dress in sexy clothing and forces them to perform lesbian sex acts in front of patients as a way of getting patients to consent to unnecessary surgeries and treatments.

    Here is some Photographic Evidence:

    #2. He is a Racist.

    He hired a Black man on to his “Team” to appease the Affirmative Action people, but he constantly agitates the poor young man in order to engorge his tribal rage and get him to quit the “team”.

    Notice the look of hatred that Dr. House, MD is giving this poor tribal fellow in this photo:

    #3. He is part of the Homogay Agenda.

    He hired an Australian to his “team, and as we all know, Australians are mostly all homosexed pedophiles as proven in this article:

    He also lives in Sin with another man, and is constantly asking parents if they have had sex with their children yet. He claims that these questions are for diagnostic purposes, but really they are just for fantasies while he self fornicates with himself.

    Here is his Australian life partner twink. Notice how they lovingly stare into each others eyes:

    Here is Dr. House, MD trying to seduce to older men on the street in broad daylight:

    Here is a picture from his College days:

    #4. He is a Drug Addict.

    Dr. House, MD pops Vicodin candy laced with LSD Exstasy and injects Marijuana before making diagnosis, which often end up being incorrect. Would you want a hippie to be operating on you?

    Here he is with just a small part of his “Stash”:

    Here he is preparing to inject himself with Marijuana:

    #5. He hates Authority.

    He is constantly arguing with his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddly, and making snide comments about her backside meat or her mammalian ludocrisities. He goes against every opinion she gives him and nearly kills all of his patients, just because she is a woman, and we all know that homogays hate women.

    Look at this beautiful young woman. How can anybody not respect her?:

    #6. He is a Criminal.

    This new season of this Reality Show had to be filmed mostly in prison due to the fact that Dr. House, MD tried to kill his Boss. The prosecutors on his case were willing to give him a deal that included no jail time, but he was so high on drugs that he turned them down and is now in Prison. He is now a victim of daily beatings and backside diddling from the large Black men and Mexicans because he is the only White man in Prison.

    Here we can see him doing the self “M” dance while watching another man defecate. We all know that gays love the smell of fecal matter and they can’t help doing the “M” dance with themselves while smelling it:

    #7. He is Clinical Insane.

    He has been in multiple Mental Health Institutions and Rehab Clinics. He also claims his best friend is “Wilson”.

    After viewing this photo of his “friend Wilson”, tell me that you don’t think he belongs in the Looney Bin:

    #8. He enjoys making people suffer needlessly.

    He makes multiple wrong diagnoses and nearly kills every patients he works on. This is all an ObamaCare scam to collect more of our tax money. He then uses his Obamacare money to buy more drugs. He only works on one patient at a time as well. He does this so that he can keep them sick and close to death for longer periods of time and then rushes in as the patient is about to pass away and provides a “Miracle Cure”. He knew the cure the entire time, of course, but he needed more ObamaCare money to purchase his precious drugs with.

    Here is a photo of him quoting one of his favorite misdiagnoses:

    #9. He is an Atheist.

    He is constantly preaching his Atheist Satanic Wiccan beliefs to his patients and Co-workers. This would be grounds for firing at any normal workplace, but his TV contract allows him to get away with it. He is known to quote Charles Darwin often and spout other unproven sciences as facts.

    Here is a conversation from this show proving he is an Atheist:

    Dr. House: I choose to believe that the white light people sometimes see, visions this patient saw. They’re all just chemical reactions that take place when the brain shuts down.
    Dr. Foreman: You choose to believe that?
    Dr. House: There’s no conclusive science. My choice has no practical relevance to my life, I choose the outcome I find more comforting.
    Dr. Cameron: You find it more comforting to believe that this is it?
    Dr. House: I find it more comforting to believe that this isn’t simply a test.

    So in conclusion, I have given you proof that this evil show must be banned, because Reality Television has just gone too far by putting people’s lives and Souls on the line just for ratings.

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