• Moammar Gaddafi Captured Alive, Paraded Around Before He Died (Video)

    October 20, 2011 10:47 pm 1 comment
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  • Moments before Gaddafi’s capture and death, the former ‘Mad Dog’ dictator was hiding out like a #OccupyWallStreet protestor in a sewer. American bombs forced Gaddafi out from hiding and he died in the hands of Libyan NTC forces.

    Sirte, Libya – (CWTV) – Dragged from a sewer drainage pipe, the bloodied up rat known as Moammar Gaddafi begged for mercy and raised his hands to Libyan revolutionary freedom fighters:  “Don’t kill me, my sons!”  The crazed dictator begged for his life but within an hour, he was dead and the Libyans were parading his dead body around the city for all to see.

    Reports detail that the Libyans were naturally upset with Gaddafi and took great joy with pulling hair from the head of his carcass, wanting a small reminder that after a 42-year regime of death, destruction and dictatorship, the monstrous “Mad Dog’ of the Middle East was finally put down, for good.

    Reports indicate that an airstrike by American Forces crippled Gaddafi’s motorcade and US intelligence lead Libyan fighters right to the sewer hole where the monster was laid-up, hiding from the terrible wrath of America and its lesser NATO allies.

    Libya was once a proud, oil-rich nation that was turned into a nation of shame under the brutal rule of Gaddafi.  Libyan officials have stated that their primary goal is to establish an American-styled Democracy, though unfortunately there has been no mention if they will renounce Islam as a national religion.

    In a very surprising understatement, President Barack Obama had this to say to the Libyan people, “You have won your revolution.”

    The people of Libya have indeed won their revolution and hopefully unlike the French and the rest of Europe and Asia who very quickly forget that it was the United States who freed them from a brutal goosestepping dictator, the people of Libya are eternally grateful to America and pay it forward with perhaps some nice discounts or oil partnerships for the nation who bought their freedom.

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