• Moammar Gahdafi Forced to Hide in Sewer Hole (Photos)

    October 20, 2011 8:29 am 1 comment
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  • President Barack Obama declared war on Libya, commanding NATO forces to join with the United States in a coordinated strike to weaken Gahdafi and liberate the Libyan people from his rule.  And today, Gahdafi is dead, the country is free and a smooth transition is poised to take place within three days.

    While political analysts are already questioning if Obama’s handling of the Libyan war shows his ability to handle war in a superior way to George W. Bush, whose Afghanistan and Iraqi wars are both still costing the US billions of dollars per month, today it is important to focus on the freedom that Libyans are enjoying.

    Moammar Gahdafi is being transported at time of report, so press can take official photographs of the dead body carcass of the “Mad Dog” who terrorized people since the 1960s.

    Al-Jazeera reports confirm that Gahdafi is dead and it’s still unclear if United States airstrikes on Gahdafi’s vehicles or NATO/Libyan groundforces being commanded by United States NATO Supreme Commander Cerritros did the world the favor of ripping the life out of this brutal dictator.

    Criticism of Obama for the handling of this war has been hushed.  It is always of the United State’s interest to ensure Democracy spreads, humanitarinism prevails and that our allies learn to support war efforts of America.  The policy of the US ‘leading from behind’ seems to have worked.

    Here is a great photo:

    Much like seen with Saddam Hussein, Gahdaffi’s home for the last months of his life in freedom was in a sewer hole.

    And even better, the first death photograph of Moammar Gahdaffi’s dead body, captured by one of our associates reporting from Libya.


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