• Nancy Grace Rips Massive Fart on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS Success)

    October 8, 2011 4:06 am 8 comments
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  • It’s well known that I am a man of great sophistication and snark, but there is no other way to put today’s headline. Nancy Grace, the Queen of Mean when it comes to jury-bereft accusations, is really doing herself no favors on hit television show Dancing with the Stars.

    As my colleagues reported, Nancy Grace showed her ‘milk sacs’ on an episode only a few weeks ago. We all laughed and mad our requisite Mad Cow jokes, but all-in-all, it was a fun slip-up and since she wasn’t Janet Jackson, it was all okay. Because Nancy Grace is not a hypocrite at all.

    But only a few weeks later, we see Mamma Gas is a more appropriate name for Nancy Grace. I cal tell you this, there will be no Mommas and Poppas wanting their children exposed to Nancy Grace’s late night filth. I wondered if it was a quick Taco Bell indescretion before the show, or maybe a chow-down session with Chaz Bono over a trough of icecream and sweet candies topping a glorious heap of sandwich bacon.

    Neither are worried about kosherness or diet, judging by the powerful legs of this bovinesque strutter and the girth, stomach girth you sickos, of her he-she comrade. It’s all confusing, so let’s just all enjoy soem happy gas and downright old-school toilet humor.

    Here is Nancy Grace, gracefully letting rip one of mankind’s oldest functions. They say there is a thin line between flatulence and fatulence, but this is really taking the cake. Yeesh.

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