• New EuroGay Boy Band “1 Direction” Attempting to Create Foothold in American Teen Girls’ Minds

    October 11, 2011 7:52 pm 13 comments

    In the fight against homogay influences, Europe is America’s greatest enemy. Throughout history we have had to repel the European gay onslaught. First it was small cars, then it was effeminate scarves and of course there have been many Devil in-and-out game inspired musical groups such as the Jonas brothers and Hanson that were sent to America to infect our daughters with European M-ing diseases.

    The latest threat is a new European Boy Band 1 Direction. Here is their Backstory:

    The band is consisted of almost all Caucasians, aside from 1 mexican. There names are Niall Horan, Zayn Malék (Mexican), Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles, and Liam Peen. All 5 boys auditioned for the Europe x-factor show but none of them were apparently talented enough to make it on their own. However, effeminate sassy british judge Simon Cowell turned a queer eye to the 5 and suggested they form an almost coven-like circle of boy band power.

    Together their combined charm, boyish handsome facial features, beautiful eyes, stylish haircuts and flashy fashionable outfits, virgin tan and muscular young bodies, and lusty tall statures were enough to win over the audience and catch the attention of the judges. Using their suspiciously attractiveness suppleness they placed third in the X-factor for 2010, and subsequently signed a 2 billion dollar record deal with Simon Cowell’s record corp.

    Why we should be worried:

    As I mentioned above, as a group they are extremely attractive and these young teen boys have gigantic sex appeal. Their young virgin bodies have already been photographed thousands of times in preparation to transmute dirt sex pornography into the minds of US children and stimulate their hormonal cavities. This makes them a great weapon, and if it is to be wielded by Eurogay agenda supporters then that spells danger for our vulnerable children in the US. They have already gained a twitter fanbase calling themselves “Directioners.” This name derives from the band’s name, 1 Direction. While not as viciously violent and unstable as Justin Bieber’s army of “Beliebers” these Directioners devotion to their musical gods is still a rival to that of the love they should instead have for Christ.

    Children should be lusting after the body and blood of Christ not the toned teenage bodies and running bodily fluids of Euro boys.

    Further investigation reveals that Mexican members Zayn Malék and Liam Peen appear to be a sinful gay docking relation. It has been rumored that Peen may even be a power bottom, while Zayn aspires to one day become a widely feared Beargay.

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