• New Iraq: Has American Liberalism Ruined Islamic Masculinity in the Middle East

    October 1, 2011 6:41 am 24 comments

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    Cultural Shock at Basrah U.Once a place were women dared to tread let alone speak, the University of Basrah is quickly becoming more perverse and liberal than UC Berkeley and Cal State Fullerton. It is now not uncommon to see a Iraqi fraternity pledge being dogged by a thinly veiled sorority woman at the University of Basrah, in Iraq. Suggestive to freedom as interpreted by Obama’s Iraqi ambassadors, Iraqi students are showing the bared liberal flair that is cursing America’s campuses with disease, rampant drug use and unwed pregnancies.

    Sweeping changes are taking place in the Middle East. Once a reserved society ruled by fear and intimidation, the people of the Persian Arabias are now enjoying the hard-earned freedom and prosperity brought to them by the dogged determination of the Bush-administration and the sacrifice of everyday Americans.

    President Bush had a vision for Iraq.  He dared dream of a society where the people were not governed by errant, superstitious believes in farcical Imams and Sheherezad’s child’s tales of sand genies and non-Biblical prophets.   Bush wanted the people of the fertile crescent to arise to a state of global awareness and to be ruled by a governing policy of peace and stability through mutual economic benefit, that is, the brilliance that became renown as the Bush Doctrine.

    And as such, Iraq has flourished.  Iraq is no longer a society ruled be a fearsome dictator who loathes life, liberty and prosperity for all citizens.  It is a place of running water and equal opportunity; it is a land where terrorism wanes and cowers in the face of encroaching freedom.  But in every bright tomorrow, there rests the ominous threat of dark corruption.  And what stormy threat could be darker than Obama.

    Upon taking office, Barack Obama quickly disbanded President Bush’s ruling council in Iraq.  Obama opted to make Iraq’s new American liaison a Sharia apologist Muslim feminist.  Like most feminists, Obama’s appointee –  Azizah al-Hibri — quickly fought for the right of Iraqi women to become dominant, at the expense of all other crucial cultural developments.

    Under al-Hibri, there is now a required Affirmative Action at 80% of Iraq’s universities.  The quick shift in population demographics at Iraqi schools has had negative repercussion.  The young men are not used to having classrooms dominated by female chatter and antics.  They are not used to having a campus where women can run amok, flaunting their flesh and distracting everyone from their studies.  The forefathers of the nation have not had to teach their sons about potential complications of having a society dominated by domineering women, as they themselves have had no experience with such an issue.

    A sudden shift in steady patriarchy to leftist, radical feminism has thrown Iraq into a volatile state of condition, perhaps worse than witnessed under Saddam Hussein.

    With loose ethics, rampant drug-use and 1960s US caliber sensuality now being condoned as PC by Iraq’s new media and social policies, the birthrate in Iraq is drastically increasing.   In many regions of Iraq, prostitution is becoming accepted.  The land of once pristine corporal values is blowing with diseased desert air, the once arid and sterile zephyrs now heavy and sweaty, howling with the spiritual musks of Las Vegas’s back alleys drenched in thickets of bacteria from the sweatiest Amazonian rain forest hooker’s thighs.  It’s a sick, sad sight that we are now seeing in Iraq.

    With the increase in prostitution and drug use in Iraq, America is needing to take a renewed leadership role.  In 2012, we must return Iraq to a path of morality that will not lead to ObamaMommas, college dropouts and the growing Hookah Hangover parties that are becoming very prevalent on Iraqi campuses.

    In all frankness, America has a responsibility to end the feminist movement in Iraq.  The women are growing too loose and powerful for this stage of Iraq’s development.  Iraq is where America was in the 1600s, in terms of technology and philosophical regard.

    In that sense, Iraq needs to be ruled by stern, fearful Puritanism and moreso, strong men who domineer a society whose resources and abilities are largely agrarian.  We must be patient in bringing Iraq up to speed with our culture, and in the meantime, we must continue to help them maintain vital supplies that us modern nations need to use right now, such as oil.  By the time Iraq reaches our point of progress in several hundred years, oil will not be a crucial issue as we will have surely discovered a new source of energy to freely share with our Arabic friends.

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