• Numbers of Evil (Part II)

    October 4, 2011 10:14 am 25 comments
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    Numbers of Evil – Part II

    There are probably many doubters about numbers killing people as proposed in the first article, and yes, one of the commenters is right: It’s not the numbers killing people but people killing people. But as time progresses, patterns will evolve that substantiate the numbers and computer programs relativity.

    The events over the weekend of 9/16/11 did little to squash the theory about the numbers relevance: 5 and 1’s are particular components of the 3-6’s. Over the past week, a Reno air show tragedy happened with the plane model number 51; the deaths of two popular political lady figures where both ladies were 51 years of age. And then a car bombing in Michigan with two kids in the car, aged 11 and 15, and the father was 42! Car bombs happen rarely in America, and in my opinion, this is another sick message of communicating the 3’6’s. Never mind the earthquake of 6.9 magnitude that occurred.

    I didn’t fully contemplate the transposition of the numbers and their devastation until I was driving along a local airport road one evening two years ago sharing a story with a friend about the time I threw a bicycle over the fence at the Norfolk International airport when I was about twelve. I was hoping to take advantage of shortcut to my favorite turtle pond when I was immediately dwarfed by in an incoming airliner arriving for landing.

    Didn’t think much else of the story until the next morning when I read in the local paper about a man jumping the fence at the prior night’s airport location and walking to the runway and commiting suicide. The conversation was amplified and repeated subliminally to the unsuspecting man by radio frequency in my opinion, and he acted out the voice to skull transmissions and the images.

    These conversations being amplified and repeated subliminally to the unsuspecting are devastating. Coincidentally, the man was a loner in the area and had no family here.

    When these numbers and frequencies come together, tragic accidents happen. The instigators of stalking, electronic mind control, and terror bombs should be found and jailed for all the murders they commit.

    The elimination of electronic targeting frequencies and a return to the Earth’s natural resonance of 7 herty will end these tragic accidents, and life will be normal.

    Then our health will flourish. True health care will be available when the antennas of destruction are disabled.

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