• Obama Instructs Air Force One to Fly to Denver, Wyoming?

    October 11, 2011 11:22 pm 5 comments
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  • Last month president Barak Hussein Obama took a trip to American West. On his stop was Denver. Colorado has been identifies as this year’s elections Florida. A state he has to win to have any hopes of re-election.

    Unfortunately, the Kenyan born president has to use a picture menu when instructing his pilots where to fly. During the trip he colored in Wyoming instead of Colorado on his Air Force One “color to go” Obama page.

    The three states he was visiting were highlighted in white under the words: ‘The trip of President Barack Obama to the American West’.

    Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call seized upon the White House’s mistake in an interview with Fox News.

    He said: ‘If the White House can’t even find Colorado on the map, how in the world does Barack Obama expect to address the issues of the economy (and) unemployment that are facing Colorado voters?’ But the mistake did not concern Wyoming Democratic party executive director Bill Luckett or Colorado Democratic strategist Laura Chapin.

    ‘I know they might get their square states confused, but there are more people than cows here,’ Ms Chapin mentioned.

    The real map

    President Obama beat Senator John McCain by nine points in Colorado in 2008 – but lost by 32 points in Wyoming.


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