• Obama seduced by dancing Mexican Witch Shakira

    October 5, 2011 5:32 pm 14 comments

    Obama has done it again. In an effort to perhaps repay a long ago islamic dessert blood pact, Obama has appointed Mexican dancing whorelot Shakira to be his top adviser in all things mexican. Shakria will assist the president in luring brown/orange children that are wandering the streets of mexico into our country. These Taco urchins will be taking our jobs and soon OUR children will be roaming the streets of America, selling bowlegged DVD’s and not-real-rolex-watches. It is also possible that Shakira is using these children to further her music video agenda, like in her latest african voodoo style dancemixx Waka Flaka, in which she shakes her hips and torso humps quite sinfully.

    Shame on you Obama!

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