• Occupy Wall Street is an Abortion of American Opportunity

    October 4, 2011 10:39 pm 60 comments
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  • Opportunity is born from the leg splayed kootch of Lady Liberty. Yes it is graphic, bloody and features cramps, but it is a natural part of our great country’s hope and future. We must welcome and swaddle opportunity, not abort it. Only through the cradle-supporting pillars of a controlled democracy, a pro-opportunity educational system, free speech lullabies and the physics of equilibrium can our nation gently rock opportunity to sleep.

    The Physics of Equilibrium cannot be controlled with contraceptives

    40% of America’s wealth is held by 1% of her top achievers. It used to be 9% of the wealth in the 1970’s, but through the natural power of diffusion, even in an environment of burdensome regulation, nature finds a way. When government steps in to redistribute wealth through taxation and entitlement programs, diffusion is stifled and opportunity cannot be conceived in a night of slick, impassioned panty-ripping coitus. The top 1 percent might have a pulsing erection to penetrate the 99 percent, but the working classes must be moist and ovulating to make an opportunity baby.

    Equilibrium or equality can only be achieved through diffusion. Diffusion equilibrium would mean that the top 1% holds 99% of the wealth and the lower 99% of Americans hold only 1%. Diffusion or the movement of wealth from a high concentration in the 99% of Americans that own 60% of the wealth to the lower concentration in the top 1% is a natural diffusion process that is best achieved by the free and frisky fondling of the marketplace. It is the equalizer that allows for fairness in financial markets and allows opportunity to suckle the bare teat of a blind justice system. The masses must be educated to fully understand this.

    Education is Opportunity Ovulation

    Only through education can 99% of Americans begin to support opportunity in America. While the No Child Left Behind effort has provided much success in the nullification of liberal ideals like cooperative group problem solving and so called critical thinking skills, much more can be done. Free thinkers, abandoned by the system as lazy or willfully flying under the radar of standardized multiple choice testing are a threat to future opportunity. Some will read banned books and promote radical ideas like the right to free speech or protest without the financial and principled backing of the top 1%. The market must answer this threat.

    The privatization of our education systems and libraries is an important market intervention that works well with a lower tax smaller government. The elimination and effective selective interpretation of historical facts and motivations have already lulled what could be angry hordes to slumber. Strict regimented learning of key nominal facts and basic arithmetic skills keeps the 99% lower tiers satiated with illusions of accomplishment. Higher tuition, less federal aid as well as an unprepared student populace allow for the additional benefit of starving the liberal University system. Liberals don’t make good lays for conceiving the hunger and strife required for birthing opportunity. Educated liberals are barren wastelands.

    Measures to apportion funds based on performance will keep the market perspective of compliance to the small morsels of learning relevant to only the standard test and avoid embarrassing liberal education mistakes like humanities degrees, the study of classics or heaven forbid trial attorneys. If voting rights could be tied to educational performance as well as land ownership, the inequalities of the small populace that holds most of the wealth could be more balanced with changes to the concept of democracy.

    The Inequality of Democracy for the Top 1%

    While these protesters rail with drum circles and hippie dances against the brick and mortar bastions of financial success, the true inequality of the top wealth performers of the United States are left with little voice in government. The novel concept of one person equal to one vote leads to unbalanced decisions when 99% of the people have 99% of the vote while hoarding 60% of the wealth like a spoilt child. The mature, meek and mild 1% top performers cannot rise above the obstreperous protest of youngsters and still protect their meager 40% holdings. Rulings like Citizens United have been erection extending Viagra for the top 1%, allowing for extended practice mounts establishing domination over the lower 99%. Now if only there was an effective ball gag.

    Free Speech is Never Free

    This concept of free speech is certainly overrated in the liberal mind. It is like a map to candy mountain. It might exist, but only for unicorns. The press is owned by corporations and those in the top 1% tier. The 99% are far more interested in reruns of House, DWTS or Teen Mom as opiates. For many, it isn’t a protest without three cornered hats, lawn chairs and misspelled signs proclaiming tyranny of the left. Tea Party Americans paid for their admission to the national conversation with News Corporation affiliation and viewership for advertising dollars. These protestors have not. They are an embarrassment to the establishment, a hive mind that endangers the conception and birth of opportunity.

    The 99% are the innovators, the steam for turbines, the dreamers that see hope and promise, but only if given the strife and hunger as fuel. Greedily clutching like a womb coveting a child, these 99% that hold the 60% majority of wealth wish to cry and throw a tantrum than release opportunity for all and bring equilibrium to an unjust marketplace where 1% hold only 40% of the country’s wealth.


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