• Ookisa Hair Products and Care Thickening System for Hair, Is it A Scam?

    October 20, 2011 7:04 am Comments Off
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  • While it is well-known that many men suffer from hair loss and thinning, what’s unknown to many young people is that the same fate can also happen with women.  There is a company named Ookisa that specializes in hair-thickening products and with how fashion forward today’s world is, even for people aged or suffering from thin hair at younger age, having a full, thick and luscious head of hair can be very important.

    There were concerns in year’s past about online campaigns for Ookisa hair products and the terms and conditions that surround their products.  Some retail testers expressed concerned that their terms and conditions may have been a scam, a way to get a credit card hooked into a monthy fee for access to their products.

    New reports from the company seem to illustrate that none of these things are true.  Customer service representatives have responded to various allegations that terms and conditions are not readily available.   The terms and conditions are clearly laid out on their websites.  The hair products are also reportedly ‘very good’, according to various people who have tried them out.

    So there you have it.  This is a good product, especially for African-American readers, to try out.

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