• Oregon Woman Bus Driver Throws Crying Mexican Anchor Baby Off the Bus

    October 5, 2011 5:04 pm 56 comments
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  • One brave Portland, Oregon, bus driver responded like a true patriot when faced with a Baby and Mother crying in Mexicani. The female driver dismissed both from her bus after the mother was unable to quiet the child. While public transportation is most certainly a low brow means from point A to point B, the ejection of this possible anchor baby gives many Americans hope that more Americans will begin riding public transportation so the remainder can enjoy lower gas prices for our SUV’s and heavy duty diesel duelies. But like all rays of hope, the liberal hate machine is blowing in on this story of hope with storm clouds of rain and hypocrisy.

    Over the loudspeaker, the female bus driver told the woman to distract the baby to quiet it down, passenger Jennifer Chapman said. Other passengers muttered that the driver should “just drive the bus, just do your job,” she said.

    Here we have a woman driver, possibly the only competent woman bus driver in the state of Oregon, doing all the right things and being shunned by the liberals that should be celebrating her as a woman in a man’s job. This is an injustice and a safety hazard. Little Taco crying because Mamacita needs to change his diaper is not something everyone needs to deal with on the bus, especially someone driving a 3 ton weapon capable of wiping out pedestrians.

    “It was screaming all the way from Beaverton, and I just finally stopped the bus,” the driver said. “I said we need to get the baby to stop screaming because I just can’t drive with it screaming … that is not safe.”

    The driver’s account of what “it” was doing (“screaming”) was verified by a recorded account of the confrontation. Screaming children in a vehicle are a hazard in any language, but most certainly a Mexican child has the wail of history and rolling r’s that could prove fatal. The Portland transit system has slapped this noble driver and instructed all public transit drivers that should they confront a crying child there isn’t much they can do but keep driving the route.

    Earplugs are not an option since they also create a hazard for passengers and pedestrians. Although a screaming child can effectively block sound as well as an earplug, the bleeding liberal heart beats for the protection of the squalling anchor baby over the safety of American passengers and those on the street.

    This illustrates the problem with liberal “we’re all on this bus together” thinking. Socialism does not work. Perhaps when someone follows these liberal draconian rules set forth by the liberally biased Portland transit authority and careens over a cliff because of a screaming child, someone will pay attention.

    According to the song learned by many American school children, the wheels on the bus go round and round and the Mexican baby on the bus goes Chu-chu-ua but the driver on the bus goes “get off the bus”. Why our laws cannot be simplified to comply with a child’s rhyme I do not know. It seems the leftist social experiment would have us all run down in the streets.

    It seem the Mexicani tennis stars have more sense.


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