• Parent Warning: New Twilight Film “Revalation” To Hit Theaters, Poster Available

    October 10, 2011 1:35 am 13 comments

    Several months ago, I gave a full movie review for the demonic vampire gorefest that goes by the name Twilight.

    Media – Read Abe’s movie review for Twilight Film

    After watching Twilight breaking dawn, I could not get to my computer fast enough to rate it S for Sinister.  Thousands of parents called and wrote to our studios, expressing outrage over all the secrets facts of the Twilight genre and how the government failed to put adequate warning on the books and the movies.  Many parents did not understand how cultish and evil this movie truly was and their children may now suffer irrepairable psychological issues and disease precipitated by watching this movie that encourages blood drinkings pacts between our kids.

    The only silver lining in all that mess, and I know many of you dear readers are still concerned, is that we thought the Twilight genre was finished.  There were allegedly no more books to destroy and movies to banish and boycott, yet, we see the Twlight genre is releasing a new movie.  They are calling it Revelation and it is certainly a rip on the final chapter of the Bible.

    Vampire armageddon.  What do you think your teen will do when seeing this film?  Just look at the preview poster:

    French Poster For Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

    What’s even more terrifying is this Revelation Twilight movie has been bumped up for a November 16th release.  It will be all in French, so children will be even more confused by the cult imagery and light tricks caused to overtake their minds and make them malleable to suggestion.

    People who are addicted to this series are no better off than those addicted to crack rock.  Even if you forbid you children to see this movie, they will just sneak into your purse or sell a vase to get enough money to get a good eyeful of Bella exposing her firm, toned body to the sparkling scepterwag of the boy named Edward Mullen.  What’s worse is the Mexican werewolf is in this film and it looks like his family is joining the pack.

    This movie is all about the occult.  When JR Rowling wrote this book, the Mormon housewife wanted to do a film that makes young women interested in multiple mates, a keynote part of Mormon conversion.  What better extreme than to make a young woman fantasize between a slim-waisted emo, his bedroom hair passing for ‘Hollywood chique’ and bedroom eyes a lurer for her fish cave.  What sort of sick people would let their daughter go drool over glistening Mexican eye-candy, the wolf boy as his roid rage veins pop in his arms in every other scene, chest heaving as he wants to bury his doggy bone within Ella from behind.

    Watching the movies let you see inside the perverted minds of Mormon wives.  They fantasize about magical, fantastical scenes of flying viagra monkeys and golden tablets appearing in Utah, all shiny and confusing as their husband introduces her to the rest of the harem.  Don’t try to say this is outlandish when it’s the textbook telling of the book of Mormon.  You can bet Romney is a honorary producer of this filth and I spit on it.

    This new Twilight movie will be hitting the theaters soon, my friends, so let’s make Satan’s opening weekend in November a bust by spreading the word and boycotting the last and hopefully final edition of this tragically bad movie series.

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