• PHOTOS: Exotic Animals on the Loose in Zanesvill, Ohio, Cats and More Killed

    October 20, 2011 9:07 am 7 comments

    A bittersweet moment from Zanesville, Ohio, after a man of questionable stability released nearly 50 exotic animals into civilization before killing himself.

    Authorities in Zanesville had to respond to the situation quickly, as all assortments of wild animals (lions, tigers, bears, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebra, camels and more) were released and had the general public on the run.

    Zanesville City Hall:  In this shocking photograph from downtown Zanesville, a spooked elephant can be seen crushing the mayor’s car as a herd of zebra also flee a rogue group of lions and tigers chasing down all fresh meat in sight, humans included.

    One brave photographer ran headfirst into a stampede of animals fighting for their lives, scared of the dozens of honking horns from scared car drivers who were heading home in post rush-hour traffic in the small Ohio town.  Not used to things outside the ordinary, the small-town people of Zanesville don’t do much but shop at Wal-mart, go to work and live the good, small people life.  Having the shock of these animals rampaging in their streets caused several to have heart attacks while others still require psychological counciling.

    What people, even the most gruff of hardened New Yorkers, would not be terrified of this following scene:

    The mayor’s car was also crushed by a raging rhinoceros, with more elephants in pursuit.

    The SWAT team of Zanesville had no choice but to immediately respond, putting down the wild, savage beasts from Africa.  While the cats naturally presented the greatest threat, unfortunately the other animals were so terrified by knowing the brutal nature of cats on the loose that there could be no way to calm them down before they knocked over more cars and possibly buildings.



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