• Please Pray for African Independence

    October 11, 2011 10:33 pm 4 comments
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  • Africa is the cradle of civilization. Some people even think that human like life may have originated here. My land has old and independent values. We are one of the only continents that have not been able to colonize other continents. Life here is a beautiful struggle. Africa is full of traditional values combined with the impact of European colonialism.

    Gay africa? Now, British prime-minister David Cameron is telling Africans that we must change our laws and increase our level of homosexual activities if we would want continued relations with a country that has exploited our continent for centuries. He has now announced a new policy which will “fine” us if we don’t include homosexual lifestyles into our ancient traditions. A UK government spokesman has clarified the policy by saying it is committed to homosexuality “…in all circumstances, in this country and abroad.”

    Last month, the leaders of Britain’s three main political parties pledged their support for a new London-based gay rights organization, called Kaleidoscope, hoping to modernize gay rights in former British colonies. This organization though tramples on the freedom which is our country.
    Many of our African traditions go back thousands of years and predate civilization as other continents know it. Ironically, the United Kingdom will illegally fine and punish independent and free African nations due to our ancient traditions while accepting money and military support from the United States, a country in which most gays cannot marry. British government is both hypocritical and wrong when it comes to African independence and policy.
    Thank you for this opportunity to voice my people’s concerns. I hope to someday see an end to the oppressive British liberal colonialism in my homeland. Please pray for our freedom to govern ourselves.

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