• Queen of Vagina Majela ZeZe Diamond Is a Black Cyber-Threat

    October 26, 2011 4:01 am 16 comments

    The holy war against the ultimate Evil satan is waged daily on the sex laced cyberspace battleground of the internet. There is infinite space for Homogay hacking and gay agendas to be uploaded and It is no secret that one can log in and view all kinds of depraved dirty nasty debaucheries from Gay backdoor shuffle boarding to Lady GayGay Asian twink Bookakers and even direct access to the Democratic Obama websites. Indeed outside the holy incandescent heaven-lit walls of Christwire is a dark WorldWideWeb.

    However what I recently found on the internet was someone more terrible than I ever could imagine and I can’t believe it is displayed for all people to see. Here we see a video of Majela ZeZe Diamond. She has made the Afroproclamation that she is the Queen of Vagina, and this gives her authority to influence your daughters to emitate her. Watch as she exposes 100% thighs right up to the very borderlands of her black conch!

    Other titles Majela ZeZe Diamond has received from the Gay Community during her Sexcapades:

    Queen of Vagina
    Queen of Promiscuous
    Dickie Mistress
    Genie of Genitalia
    24/7 Commando
    Black Mamba

    She even has a Christmas song! What blasphemy! (Thank God she left Jesusween alone, though)

    As you see her songs are about nothing but fish cave pleasures and she wants your children to go deep-spelunking with her! YouTube should be renamed YouProstitube for allowing someone to hooker themselves out as if they were on craigslist. Please help boycott this Lucifer’s Bridge in your community and God Bless You All


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