• Rachel Maddow Browsing hookupwithhotties dot com from her MSNBC Man Cave, Looking for Moammar Gadaffi Wife Photos

    October 21, 2011 4:44 pm 20 comments
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  • We’ve always long suspected that with the short, Hillary Swankish hair and aggressive stage presence, that Rachel Maddow might like to have women play Momma Bear’s hair toothed adventure in her mancave.  Well, from what we’re seeing as video evidence of hookupwithhotties dot com, we are absolutely right.

    In what seemed to be standard fair from feminist and first-class lesbian Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow’s nightly attack on Conservative Men who believe in impregnating their wives and raising a nuclear family for America’s strong future was discussed on anti-man site After Ellen.  The feminists were flapping and squawking, their target for the day being Governor Mitt Romney and his correct knowledge that women have no right to get abortions.

    Infuriated like a cornered honey badger, Madame Lesbian of MSNBC came out crying and flailing, disrespecting what is a man’s retreat.  Maddow did a report from her “Man Cave”, truly a place where probably no man has gone before, and proceeded to be smarmy and ‘teach’ Governor Mitt Romney how a uterus works.

    Rachel, guess what, honey?  A baby does not appear in that uterus until a big thrusting object only a man can provide drops the seed of life.  Did they put that in your life manual, or were you too busy looking at Sally Horbreger’s backside when they taught that little part in body education at your school?

    What’s even worse is that a man cave is simply a place for a man to go and enjoy himself while the wife and family keep their mouth shut.  It can have two meanings.  The most early example of a man cave is when God created Eve and placed a nice, pleasurable cave between her legs.  It was a place for Adam to take solace and relieve, any stress, that he may have acquired.  Women are a gift from God and females like Maddow can feel their eggtimers ticking, every month reminding them for a week what their true purpose here is on Earth.  And they hate it, being so bigoted that they attack Mormons just to make themselves feel better about denying their natural role.

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    Well, that laughable bit would seem to be the end of the story. An ignorant woman trying to tell a billionaire, highly-educated businessman how a uterus works and even more hilarious, why women should have the right to their bodies. The first few chapters of Genesis makes it clear that abortion-supporting women have a nice place in Hell.

    But the worst is yet to come. When looking at the screenshots of Maddow’s laptop/teleprompter, hooked directly to live feeds from liberal hotbed sites like Reddit.com and Jezebel.com, we saw one window open and the URL was hookupwithhotties dot com. On that site were pictures of Moammar Gaddafi’s wife! Lesbian spreads!

    So now we see why Maddow was against invading Libya. She wanted to invade Mrs. Gaddafi’s labia. What a sick, sick world we live in when even the journalists are so selfish they put their gay agenda over the sake of humanity. We’re watching you, Maddow, and believe plenty of proper hatemail shall be coming to your inbox! And don’t get excited, that’s not a promise for lesbians to come a knocking at your unholy temple doors!

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