• Rap Music Corrupts Daddy’s Little Princess

    October 8, 2011 8:10 am 14 comments
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    Here we see daddy’s little princesseses’ and who does that lure but the Big Blacked Wolf.  Yes, just like the nursery rhyme the Big Blacked Wolf cannot stand to see an innocent daddy’s little princesses out and just enjoying the life her father’s hard work and college education have afforded her.

    Everywhere you look and there are plenty of affluent suburban daughters, not three steps behind is a black slapping his juiced lips and just thinking of all types of ways to make her an Obama Momma.  Don’t call me racist you liberalos, because the FACTS remain:

    If you go to a mall, you’ll see plenty of young white women carrying babies of mixed ancestry around. Where’s the father? At the same place where all the fathers of the missing babies in the ghetto is. It’s a crying shame.

    With all those sociological facts discussed here is a video where we see the black culture has infected these precious princessess’.

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