• Reality, According to the Vampire Dyke

    October 10, 2011 1:53 am 67 comments

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    Ren Fenwitz

    Reality is a very vague idea in its nature. How does one define it? Looking in the dictionary, most of the definitions use the words “real” or “reality” to define the word. One definition stands out, though: “the state of things as they are or appear to be, rather than as one might wish them to be.” An example of this is the sky. Everyone knows that the sky is blue due to blue light being reflected by the water molecules in the sky. For someone to say that the sky is purple in the middle of the day would be to deny reality. But what *is* reality?

    Reality is truly what we make of it. What one person sees as blue, another may see as purple. For each, this is their reality. Differences such as that are simple and occur due to sight differences. Here’s a scenario to describe a slightly more complicated difference in reality: Average Joe goes to a diner and gets a good old fashioned hamburger. He eats it, find is delicious, and goes on his way. Now enters someone who has researched how the meat industry treats its cattle and what exactly goes into a hamburger. They smell the aroma that Joe’s hamburger left behind and it, to them, reeks of death and blood. Both are real despite their differences.

    As I write this, I must reflect on my own views. To me, reality is whatever I want it to be. If I wish to have wings, then yes, I do. If I wish to have a tail, then yes, I do. No, no one else will say I do because that’s how they’re conditioned. We’re conditioned from a very young age to believe that all humans have the same basic build. No wings, no tails, nothing but arms, legs, torso, and head. Boring. Some may call me crazy for this but insanity is only another word for alternate reality. If anyone dares to believe anything that society does not agree on as real, then they are labeled psychopathic. To support my argument, I’ll use small children as an example. At my job, I must dress to all semblance of normalcy. Nice solid-color shirts, khaki pants, nothing outrageous like my profile picture. I look almost the same as my coworkers. Yet when I envision my additional appendages, children stare as if they see it. Considering the fact that the younger the child, the less they have been imprinted upon by closed-minded parents, it is entirely possible that they do see what each and every one of us really look like. There have been many cases when a parent will hand a child to a trusted family friend and the child will start shrieking for “no reason.” Perhaps the reason is that we can’t see the darkness in that person’s heart and the child can.

    Call me crazy, because I probably am. That doesn’t stop me from living my life. To top off my mental views, I am a witch. Yes, the kind that many here would burn if they could. I bring this up because of many of the beliefs inherent in my craft. I don’t curse people, I don’t play with hexes and voodoo, nor do I dance naked and sleep with demons on a regular basis (they and I are too classy for that). What I do is study the elements for changes in the lifestream around me and those I love. For example, recently my fiancé’s so-called “friends” have clouded her mind with lies and poisons that she can’t see. I use the elements to clear her head so that she can be reminded of her reality. Why mention this? Because it is my reality that the elements may indeed do as I ask.

    There are those who cling harshly to the realities that their parents and prophets taught them before they could even understand what they were. These people’s minds and hearts are shut tight enough to make a nuclear bunker jealous. People like this will be the ones who say people like me need help, to be locked up, to go outside, to read the Bible, things like that. What they fail to even slightly acknowledge is that, yes, we may need help, but we generally like the outdoors and some of us enjoy the Bible. A different worldview doesn’t mean that we’re evil. I could go on about that, but this article is about reality, not good and evil.

    Reality is only what each individual makes it. No two people share the exact same reality. This is made obvious by war, debate, argument, and opposition of any kind. Christwire is a perfect example of varying realities. It can be considered sad that many people actually, truly believe in most of what this website churns out in the manner of a terrible tabloid that many buy for a cheap laugh. Really, they should be grateful that they CAN see this as a reality. They ignore the fact that only through rebellious actions, wars, thoughts, and ideas are they even in this position. They are blinded into thinking that Christianity will rule the world one day, but they do not pay attention to what’s happening to the world. Their reality is clouded. They don’t see the ancient Hebrew countries falling to Islamic rule. The Hebrew countries are vastly important because, for those close-minded ones who refuse to know, Christianity stemmed from Judaism. Jesus was not Christian, he was Jewish.

    I’m not calling anyone to arms with this article. I’m not telling anyone what to do. This is only my belief, such as so many others have made readily available on this satirical website.

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