• Remember the One Chinese Woman, Chen Xianmei, Who Dared Help a Girl Want Yue Ran Over by a Van? She’s Just Been Kicked out of her Home

    October 21, 2011 5:51 am 8 comments
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  • Scrap peddler Chen Xianmei being harassed by Chinese government and neighbors for rescuing a little girl named Wang Yue after she was hit by a van and left to die by over 18 passerbyes in a Chinese street.  Chinese claiming Chen Xianmei “only did it for attention”, even though she had no idea that a Chinese CCTV was monitoring her.

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people.  But I am not racist.

    You should feel the same way too.

    Years ago, I created a revealing piece that has been reported upon worldwide.  Within this piece, I dared look into the eyes of the Asiatic beast and just prayed it would not stare back into me.  I do not always agree with Nietzsche, but I do believe China is a great abyss, a swirling spirit of evil and damnation, ready to enter and poison even the most pure of mind, bodies and souls.

    China is trying to work its way into America, my friends, and we cannot forget that the nation is a sleeping dragon, one that only knows eternal warfare, evil and hate.  If you are one who watches movies about space-faring aliens, coldly going into the cosmos to only attack planet after planet like a pack of starved red army ants happening upon a candy, you can place the face of a Chinese on the snarling, drooling ice-black eyed face of the alien.  The true nature is the same:  sheerly foreign, unknown and evil.

    My friends, the Chinese hate women.  In their society, women are only good for spreading their legs and popping out children 9 months later and after that, keeping quiet within a house.  The international community has long condemned China’s one child policy that sees families regularly killing female children, as only males in China can make money and support their parents when they become too old to work.

    So perhaps the following story is not a surprsie.  Many were shocked about the report I broke about a young girl in China who was ran over by a van.  I’ve speculated that this was a setup, the parents trying to orchestrate a ‘honor killing’ of their daughter, so they could have a son instead.  While that thought is not verified as true, in my gut I truly wonder if such is the case.

    In the video in that article, we could see 18 people pass the girl as she lay barely moving, injured and nearing death as the pool of her own blood continued to expand around her.  Just when it seemed her life would pass and not one Chinese person could be bothered to help her poor, shivering and precious frame, a diamond in the rough appeared in the form of an old woman.

    The old woman carried the little girl off the street.  The moment was captured on one of China’s CCTV spy cameras and was obtained by American press agencies.  Moments later, we were informed of the video and I joined with others in breaking this sad, tragic story on the air and in print.  The outrage from it is still pouring in, my askamber@christwire.org email filling up with thousands of angry emails about the heartless Chinese in my story.

    In America, we call the woman in that video a hero.  She stepped up and did what so many other Chinese were too evil to do:  help a female child.  But sadly we have learned, since the video aired the Chinese authorities have let the woman’s neighbors access the internet and see all the coverage we are giving her.  And they are angry.

    They have threatened the woman from the video and made her flee her home.  The Chinese government is not helping her and I fear if we do not offer this woman amnesty, the Chinese will laugh with delight as the assaults on her continue.

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