• Repo Games: An Inside Look at #Occupy Wall Street Protestors and Their Lives

    October 15, 2011 8:21 am 12 comments

    I’d like to start the New’s Article with a little History lesson. This lesson only goes back about 4 weeks though, because nobody knew what #Occupy Wall Street was or even what they want.

    Here we are over a month later, and EVERYBODY knows who they are, yet NOBODY (including themselves) know what they want. People have been joining this “Movement” everyday since it started. Now it reaches 130 cities Worldwide, not just America, Worldwide.

    These “Protestors” are trying to prove a point from what I have heard, but I have yet to hear the actual point of this protest. We have the 18-30 year olds who haven’t ever had a job complaining about not getting FREE money from people who have actually worked very hard to make their money, Then we have Hippies, not “New Hippies”, but the leftovers from the 60′s who didn’t created giant corporations like Steve Jobs and Ben and Jerry. After that, we have members of the “1%” (which actually, if they mean Millionaires, it’s more like 31%, not 1%) who joined in these protests too. They hold up signs saying “My Parents were filthy rich and they died, so now I am filthy rich, but I love all poor people too, they sell me beautiful stuff at Flea Markets and on the streets.

    Here is proof of the 1%er…

    This Brief History of Time has brought us to my Television Picture Box Review of a show called REPO GAMES. This show features many prominent figures from the “movement” being unable to answer simple trivia questions and getting their cars repossessed.

    The Plot of this Game Show, is to give Occupy Wall Street kids a chance to keep their vehicles while still being a giant drain on Society. If they can answer 3 of 5 trivia questions, the Television will pay off their car. If they answer 3 wrong, it gets Repo’d. Seems fair to me, until you consider the combined Intellect of Occupy Wall Street in every city in God’s Country, America, is about the same as the intellect on a Full Short Bus to the “Special Olympics”. I will give you some video proof now:

    Before “Repo Games” became a game show on Television a week ago, they were just trying to help the #Occupy Wall Street kids, here is that video:

    This video was filmed outside a “Flop House” for #Occupy people:

    Those were simple, handheld VCR recorder cameras. These next few are actual Digital footage of the Lazy #OccupyWallStreet people.

    Here is one with 7 children!!! Sickening:

    This Chinasian tries to give the Host a Happy Ending, or in Chinasian talk, a handful of Happiness:

    Finally, we see a Young Stripper and her Tribal, Cracked Coked Canes dealer trying to pay off people for their “Hoopty Ride”:

    That one made me giggle. Black hipped hoppers are fun sometimes.

    In conclusion, I hope you have learned that #Occupy “Anything” won’t help you, on the Republican party can help Save America.

    Good Luck in Life and God Bless You.

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