• Richard Simmons Looks Skinny On Dancing with the Stars, Is He Ill?

    October 12, 2011 12:30 am 2 comments

    Many people are still concerned and asking that if Richard Simmons’ slim, skinny appearance on ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars could indicate the fitness guru is ill.

    When reached for more information, Simmons’ rep Tom Estey stated all is fine and well with “The Weight Saint” and he’s feeling healthier than ever, which makes the world breathe a bit of a relieving sigh.  No need losing all the nice celebrities.

    That still does not negate the question that Simmons did look very thin and tired in his DWTS appearance.  While ChristWire reporter Karen Grey posited the appearance may have been due to age, there may be an even more straightforward answer to all of this concern.

    Motivation: Simmons appeared on the reality talent contest to coach celebrity contestant Chaz Bono

    Chaz Bono.  As you know, Chaz Bono is the gender bending daughter of Sonny and Cher.  Real name Chastity, Bono has rumbled onto the DWTS stage and has been caught eating ice cream, hot dogs and other goodies throughout the competition.  In a sense, that makes Chaz a man’s man in a sense.  Especially when she wears classy wifebeaters and wears her belly as a symbol of pride and stability.

    Simmons has no choice but to look skinnier next to Chaz.  Despite shifting appearances, Chaz is still female and therefore still subject to the GIrl in the Club Phenomena.  Moderately attractive women understand that if they go to the club with their hefty, unattractive friends, they will look at least 4-fold hotter than if without those friends.  Chaz Bono is illustrating this principle by standing next to the very feminine Richard Simmons.  It is like some perverted, twisted version of sociological science.  Suddenly, Simmons is like the hot girl of hte group when standing next to Chaz Bono and what looks like the love child of Christina Aguilera and Jay Leno’s chin, wearing a pink curtain that doesn’t fit so well.

    In the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars, Chaz came out as a version of Rocky who forgot to run on the stairs every day.  Simmons was there to remind him that fat is gross and he should really consider running down those stairs.

    But at the end of the competition, Simmons was looking healthier than most people on stage, combined.

    Just fine: Reps for fitness guru Richard Simmons say that the 63-year-old is in great health after his seemingly smaller frame on last night's Dancing With The Stars sparked speculation

    A shocked Simmons cannot believe the jiggling belly of Chaz Bono.

    Fighting: Chaz had a Rocky boxing theme to his performance

    Chaz Bono likes sandwiches, Rocky movies and long walks on the beach, in Half-Life.


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