• Running of the Bulls in Cave Creek, Arizona

    October 15, 2011 8:20 am 10 comments
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  • The controversial sport known as “The Running of the Bulls” has reached the United States.  Enthusiasts in Cave Creek, Arizona, managed to get rights to create a track where bulls could charge at them with horns and try to stab them.

    For those who are wondering why this sport is so popular and who in their right mind would let a deadly bull chase them with sharp horns, Cave Creek resident Leslie Barthill feels it is a ‘matter of perspective’.

    “Too many people in the US are uptight these days, too safe.  Sometimes to live, you have to put your life at the mercy of nature,” Barthill stated, showing several scuffs she picked up when a bull almost trampled her in 2002.

    Opponents to the Bull Running cite the event is too great a health risk and the disclaimer people sign proves that the organizers are irresponsible and looking to make a quick buck and publicity at the risk of people’s lives.  Organizers emphasize that the bulls are not bred to be as menacing as the bulls featured in Spanish bull runs and that the horns of the bulls have been blunted.

    Common sense weighed in, stating that any 1000 – 2000 pound object hitting you does not need sharp horns to induce death.



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