• Scene, Emo, and Goth Teens, Sinful, Dangerous or Misunderstood?

    October 5, 2011 8:59 pm 110 comments

    We’ve all seen them, those “Scene” girls with every colour of the rainbow in their hair. And we’ve seen those “Emo” teens with scars on their arms from cutting/self harm. And we’ve also all seen those “Goth” boys, sporting black hair, makeup, and clothing. But are they really as sinful and criminal as we assume, by just the look of them? Well in order to really understand who these people are we can’t just go about assuming, that is not only rude, but immoral of anyone.
    So in order to take a true look at these sub-cultures, and what they really are, I need to clear up some propoganda, and yes that’s exaclty what it is, that other christwire user’s have written.
    1. Scene, Emo, and Goth are three VERY different teen subculture groups, and to catagorize them one and the same is purely incorrect.

    2. They do NOT worship Satan, or take part in “Pagan Blood Rituals” or “Gay Orgies” this is a personal choice that you can see in almost ANY culture. That is a decision commonly seen in cultures (I mean the rituals) such as wicca and paganism, not a teen sub-culture like Scene, Emo, or Goth.

    3. These cultures have, straight, gay, bi-sexual, and lesbian sexualities, and from personal experience and contact with these people, I have yet to meet a not straight one, though they obviously exist, just few and far between.

    Now let me delve a bit deeper, if you are a parent, who’s teen is of any three of these groups, or similar ones, you don’t have to fear their beliefs in God, or their moral values. Please continue reading, as I am now going to elaborate further on each culture.

    I will start off with “Scene” culture (more specifically on girls, because there are more girls than boys in this group). If your teen has taken a likeness to this culture, please do not fear. Scene girls like big, colourful hair, makeup, and especially accessories. They also wear plenty of eyeliner, and although it is sometimes neon coloured, it is more often dark coloured because of the accessibility in your local drug store, or makeup provider. Boy and girls in this culture both take an extreme liking to skinny jeans, VERY skinny jeans. They straighten and choppily layer their hair, with lots of colour as I have previously said. But behind their fashion is their music, which many users claim that the lyrics tell you to commit “witchcraft” and “gay orgies” and “blood rituals”. The lyrics may be sorrowful, very emotional, romantic, and sometimes whiny, they are certainly NOT Satanic. And anyone who tells you otherwise is obviously misinformed, and did not take the time or dedication I took when writing this article. If your son is “Scene” do not fear, or quesiton his sexuality, most “Scene” boys are as straight as their hair (pun intended)!
    Behind the hair and makeup of any teenaged girl is somebody very self-concious, and taking this culture on is the farthest thing from unhealthy, your teen is trying to find their sense of ‘self’ and trying to find a group they can belong with, and rely on. It is perfectly healthy and VERY normal, but has your scene teen faced problems with drug abuse or romantic rejection? Because in the lyrics of many scene bands, is comfort, they write about these kinds of things. When people like a song, it’s often because they look to reflect themselves and relate to the music, which can help heal emotional wounds, like guilt, hate, or heartbreak. So now that you have a better understanding of “Scene” fashion and culture, let’s proceed to the next group.

    “Emo” does not mean “Emosexuality” it relates to the words “Emotion” “Emotionless” and “Emotional”. People who are emo, do willingly take part in self harm, this does NOT make them suicidal, and to jump to the conclusion could be detrimental to your teens mental, and emotional health. To be accused of suicidal tendencies is actually a trigger, like giving someone permissional belief that they are capable, or believed to be suicidal, which makes it more likely than ever.
    Self harming is an act of pain, that they would rather physical pain than the emotional pain they are feeling. This is a superior sign of depression and anxitey, and to accuse them of suicidal tendencies is like setting off the time bomb. If your teen is emo, they feel detached from society, due to many reasons, in some cases things such as bullying, heartbreak, abuse, and family issues (like death, divorce, or abuse) are a few of the causes of being “Emo”. There isn’t much more to touch on when it comes to emo, all you need to do is reconnect from your child, and if they try to pull away, remind them that they’re not alone, that no matter what they ever do you’ll love them unconditionally, and if they don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings at first, just leave it, and continue to encourage them throught several days, before trying to talk to them again. Don’t threaten, or try to manipulate their reactions through threats like “God knows all, and see’s everything” This will not only make them uncomfortable, but feel more and more detached, feeling that they’re not worthy of living. And if they are faithful (and if they’re not that’s a personal preference regardless of family life), that can ruin their faith in God (or consideration of it).

    “Goth” culture, though dark, and seemingly evil is not satanic. People who find lyrics about pain, darkness, and death romantic are not evil, they’re just listening to music, not living by it. Each part of one’s life is a stage, and having phases where lyrics and painful thoughts, and a fascination with black makeup and clothing are just that, curious, not demonic, or sinful, or satanic.

    On one last note, I am talking about teens who take a healthy approach to their cultures, there are always extremists, and the pychologically unstable people, I am talking about general children, but there are always exceptions. Be the parent God inteded you to be, because if being a parent was wrong for you in God’s eye, you probably wouldn’t be one in my opinion. Don’t jump to conclusions, don’t threaten, or force unnessicary things on your child, because they are how God created them, in his image. If your teen is threatening you with things like running away, suicide, or getting purposley pregnant, they need to talk to you, and perhaps someone professionally, regardless if they are “Scene” “Emo” “Goth” or just a “Preppy” teenager in general. That is wrong, and to force things on your child is too. Godbless and stay strong!

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