• Scientific Proof that Life Starts in the Womb

    October 11, 2011 11:10 am 9 comments
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    Democrats try to convince you that it’s normal to murder a baby if the child is still in the womb of the mother.  Yes, I’m bringing up the subject that many dare to whisper.  Abortion.

    We loudly yell and prove that women have no right to murder babies, but day after day, the Supreme Court still lacks the backbone to do what they know is right:  ban abortion.

    They are too scared to stand up against the whore liberal media machine, thinking that Olbermann and snarky Jew boytoy Jon Stewart will convince young people to vote against ‘the fascist Republicans’.  The liberals may wield thousands on thousands of words of snarky humor, lies in speeches and manipulations, so sometimes, the best weapon is imagery.

    The next time some abortion-toking whore Democrat tries to lie to you and say women need to be able to abort a child to have freedom, you just show them this picture:

    This is a picture of a baby’s foot in the womb.  The grandchild is not even two months old in this picture, yet you can look and see his fully formed foot.  How precious is life my friends?

    Let us be good to humanity and end the senseless genocide of babies liberals are carrying out.  Abortion makes America weak and if America is weak, how can all the lesser nations have any hope for a better tomorrow?

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