• Shia LaBeouf Gets into Another Bar Fight – Shia Labeouf Beating

    October 18, 2011 3:17 pm 21 comments

    According to homosexual celebrity gossip news outlets, the bi-curious “Indian Jones” star got into a cat fight in Vancouver over this past weekend, throwing down with a couple of local drag queens while partying in the city’s highly drug populated area in The Granville Street club district.

    A witness said that LaBeouf was “obviously pretty intoxicated with ecstasy and zimas,” and that the all out slap match began at approximately 12:30 a.m. Canadian time Friday, when LaBeouf and a fellow drunk — identified only as “Slick Mike” — had a vulgar verbal exchange inside the bar’s restroom.

    Nightclub security broke up the arguing couple before things could get bloody. But, according to the bouncers, when “Slick Mike” left the club in a fuss, he saw LaBeouf heading for a cab and was supposedly headed towards the prostitution section of downtown. While LaBeouf’s was entering the cab, “Slick Mike” ripped off his shirt off and pushed the Shia to the ground.

    “took a few punches to the face,”

    the bouncer said.

    As the actor laid bloody and helpless on the floor, a couple of Good American Samaritans came to his aid, but apparently LaBeouf didn’t want their help and acted like a typical Hollywood star and ran off crying to his room at the Four Seasons.

    the witness said

    Shia went off on a stranger who was attempting to soothe him, launching into a rage so extreme that he had to be held back.

    “The guy had to tell him something like ‘calm down or I’ll have to lay you out,’”

    the witness recalled.

    “Then Shia just put his hands up and gave up.”

    This is far from the first time that LaBeouf has been in fist to fist battle and I don’t think it will be the last until he gets his drinking and drug problem under control.

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