• SHOCK: Amy Winehouse Cause of Death was Alcohol Intoxication, Four Times Over Legal Limit

    October 26, 2011 4:27 pm 6 comments
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  • In news that any blue-light special K-mart psychic could have told us, Amy Winehouse cause of death was:  drumroll.  Oh, the excitement is really killing you and me.  The big reveal:


    Amy Winhouse passed away from alcohol intoxication.  Official coroner’s reports state she was four times over the legal limit.  In a body ravaged by hard drugs and actually being in detox immediately prior to her death, an alcohol binge is one of the worst things Amy Winehouse could have done to herself.

    At this point, I’m sure it’s expected for me to do the journalist’s thing and do a mini-biography.  For those who know me, you know I’m somewhat an ass before anything else.  And that’s not a curse word nor means I’m Democrat.  I’m just not always nice.

    As such, I’m not going to drag this woman’s name through the mud anymore.  Some people will always have their vices and unfortunately for celebrities with access to millions of dollars, lax judges who don’t punish them when they are caught with mounds of crack hanging from their nose, and ability to fly to Jose Wanka’s Casa de Drugas Chocolates, they have the golden Pass Go ticket to get out of jail for free, buy all the drugs they want and sniff them with equally diastrous friends.

    The process is sad but it’s us, the public, who eggs it on.  Media makes light of it.  We don’t care about the problems until they make a song we like and admit it, we all tune in to see Amy Winehouse’s drunk hooker pictures on TMZ, Fox News or insert your station here.

    In all, a lot of these celebrity overdose death’s represent a growing problem in America:  greed.  Sure, Winehouse was a grown woman who could be responsible for herself, but obviously, she was not.  Her handlers were greedy and enabled her.  Media suckeled down the headlines of her failures, much like I’m doing right now.  This will get a bunch of views because everyone wants to know how she died, officially.  We all knew it would be crack, heroine, alcohol or all of the above, but today, it’s all official.

    This is more a rant than an article, it’s not really going anywhere more than today, I’m disappointed with all of us.  I was never into Winehouse’s music, I actually learned about her through a remix Brother Abe did of her song “Rehab”, redubbing it “Gitmo” as only Abe can do.

    But what I do see here is another young woman enabled to do bad and egged on by Hollywood.  Media was there to spectate and seemed to almost have their fingers crossed that she would have reached an end such as this.  It’s just a process I see time and time again with random celebrities who really do have major problems.  Why isn’t Charlie Sheen getting psych evals?  Who wants to bet CBS, ABC and NBC were salivating, just waiting for a “crazy, bald Britney Spears kills herself in drunken Malibu rage” when she had all her problems publicized months ago.   You know they had the headlines waiting to go live.  Stations really do this.

    I’m pretty confident that Lindsay Lohan will be the next celebrity to turn up dead and ravaged in an alley.  She looked like a zombie when she headed into a morgue for her probation on one of her crimes that would have sent anyone else to jail for decades on end.  She’s appearing in Playboy.  The next will be kink tapes.  Finally, we will see her dead and media will act shocked, like having a drug addict with endless wealth thinking they can buy crack, run over baby strollers and defy judges can end up any way else.

    In all, the Great American Dream is turning into the Great American Nightmare.  We’re all to blame, we’re going the way of Rome faster than we realize it and it is our greed and power, and the moral apathy that breed, that’s hurting us.  Ah well, enough of that.  It’s Wednesday, Winehouse was a wino and we’re all greedy bastards.  The only way to round all this out is some Jamie Foxx, blame it on the alcohol.

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