• SHOCK: Liberal PBS Barney Show Promotes Racism

    October 19, 2011 7:07 pm 11 comments

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    We need to immediately cut funding for biased liberal news agencies that claim balance, but sow nothing but racial discord and animosity in this great nation.

    The latest atrocity comitted by Left Wing Media was seen on the television cartoon Barney, where liberal cartooners made the purple dinosaur support the idea that blacks should sit in the back of the bus.



    As a progressive person and a warrior for Civil Wars, it pains my heart and I’m sure it pains many others just like me.  Look at how the gay agenda dinosaur proudly drives all the white families up front, but Mr. Blackface must sit in the back of hte bus.  Why can’t he have one of the empty seats nearer the front?

    This is the type of subliminal racism the racist Democrats sneak into our society.  They are holding blacks down with Affirmative Action, Feed the African Children, Obama Care, Food Stamps and more.  They are making them slaves to poverty and making them even sit behind a cartoon dinosaur in the back of the bus.

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