• Should K-State’s EMAW Slogan Be Outlawed for Sexism?

    October 22, 2011 3:08 pm 126 comments
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  • Kansas State University has a slogan that goes EMAW. All over the cornfields in Kansas, the slogan is spraypainted and the same goes for the scant signs between the small Midwestern towns in that area.

    Googling shows that EMAW stands for “Every Man A Wildcat” and it harkens from the day when colleges were proper and only men were allowed.

    Now this nation sadly has 60% women in college and even at a great school like K-State, who today whooped the Jayhawks in football, there are not enough men. There are too many women at K-state training to be social workers and liberal sqauwking feminist. No longer does K-state train legions of grizzled future farmers and cow-hands of America, their gritty determination to feeding America only outdone by their determination to make their wives keep a good house and their sons be raised moral.

    Now K-state is infiltrated with sissy communication and engineering majors, something that does not fit a state whose forte is not exactly being high-tech. Would you really trust a Kansan to have anything to do with your home’s wiring or computer?

    But there is a bigger issue today. The history of K-state is under attack by jayhawking feminists. They want to change the term EMAW to EPAW, Every PERSON A Wildcat.

    Recently the uncontrollable women stormed the grounds of the university and demanded the change of the name by shouting wildly and even removing clothing from their unsanitary bodies! This is uncalled for. The young educated men stand their ground to protect their slogan! The women were relentless as they taunted and enticed them with their vajazzling ways.

    The men were cornered but managed to call authorities, who stopped the assault in the school’s student government chambers. The video of the event that one of the men uploaded to YouTube was pulled and Kansas State University officials have still not commented on if the student body will be forced to plaster EPAW all over Facebook and I-70 freeway Kansas instead of the classic EMAW.

    This is all a matter of principle. Men have the right to be men. If these young men at K-state must give in to feminists, then what hope do we in more liberal states have. We must support our bretren at K-state and their right to say EMAW and for women to like it. If the women don’t, they can just get out of K-state and I can guarantee you the university’s academic rating may even become that of a proper school like Emory or Liberty University.

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