• Some Views on Herman Cain’s 9 9 9 Plan: American Perspectives

    October 12, 2011 2:48 pm 4 comments
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    Karen Gray


    Herman Cain worked for Godfather’s pizza and thinks in the world of 99%, he should somehow have a shot at being the President of the United States. Herman Cain came up with a 9 9 9 plan that is somehow supposed to save the United States. It’s not apparent if this is some bogus scheme he dreamed up while slinging pizzas at Godfather’s and a few big names are weighing in on his ‘miracle’ plan for the country.

     Jon Huntsman – Mormon Extraordinaire, Governor of UTAH

    “Cain’s plan is a catchy phrase. I thought it was the price of
    a pizza when I first heard it.  Also, can America really afford another black president?”




    Michelle Bachamann – Minnesotan Mistress of Morality, Governor

    “If you turn Herman Cain’s “9-9-9″ plan upside down it becomes 6-6-6. “I think the black devil is in the details.”





     Mike Watson – The Black Thunder of the GOP, Media Figure

    “I have it through good sources that the Noid is offering an 8 8 8 plan and can deliver it in 30 minutes or less.  Sorry, Herman, my vote’s going Noid.”





     Sandra O’Connor – American Journalist, Illustrator

    “Why is Obama calling himself Herman Cain now?  Is this his rapper’s stage name?  Big Daddy-O Cain?”






    Rick Perry – Governor Of Texas, Owner of Niggerhead Ranch




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    Karen Gray Karen Gray is a student of journalism at LMU and international events columnist for the CW.

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