• Stacie Crimm, The Pregnant Mom Who Gave Her Life so Baby Could Live (Cancer)

    October 17, 2011 5:11 pm 18 comments
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  • At 41 years-of-age, Stace Crimm discovered that she was pregnant. Surprised and overjoyed with the news, Crimm’s joy in life soon turned to concern when abnormal things started to happen to her. The single mother was to soon embark on a story that’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at once.

    Enjoying the first parts of pregnancy and excitement of telling her friends, Crimm soon began to suffer from several headaches and double vision. The severity of the pain for Stacie Crimm was so great that she thought to ask her brother to take care of her baby should something tragic happen to her. It was only some time later that doctors confirmed something terribly sad: the pregnant Stacie Crimm had a diagnosis of cancer, in both her head and back.

    Doctors told Crimm to receive treatment at the risk of hurting her baby that was growing inside, but Crimm refused. She wanted to assure her baby was born without any risk to the child’s health. Such a beautiful sacrifice from a mother is beyond any measure of admiration.

    The cancer continued its progress, soon wrapping itself around the brain stem of Crimm. The oxygen levels in Crimm’s body began to sharply drop and with that, so did the heart rate of the child, precious little Dottie, growing within.

    Hospital staff were left with no choice but to perform an emergency C-section. Crimm was placed on a ventilator and within the walls of the hospital’s neonatal unit, a beautiful moment of love between mother and child transpired.

    The C-section was successful, the baby being born at a tiny 2 pounds and 1 ounce. Little Dottie Mae Crimm certainly captured the heart of all staff. But then the concern became what of Stacie Crimm, the mother. Would she regain consciousness and be able to see her child’s face?

    Stacie and her mother did have a final moment, though the levels of consciousness of Stacie were not clearly coherent. After several days, Stacie finally passsed away, but her daughter lived on. And her brother has remained committed to raising Dottie Mae Crimm and he knows that his sister’s sacrifice to assure her daughter has the best fighting chance is something that was part of her caring character and nature.

    This news story is sad and yet inspirational. In this day and age, where corporate greed and political strife is having a detrimental affect on families and the attitude of the individual, it is uplifting to see the story of a mother’s love and sacrifice overcoming dismal odds. The family of Crimm do not know if the cancer treatment for their sister would have been effective, but it’s definitely well known that this mother loved this child to the point of giving the most selfless sacrifice.

    How many of us could do this for our unborn child?

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