• Stolen Laptops on the Rise at Mount Ida College

    October 17, 2011 6:00 pm 10 comments
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  • Students at Mount Ida college rioting after series of laptop thefts being reported throughout the day-credit campus. Mount Ida College, once the luxury discount school for Harvard faculty with children who needed a quick certification to warrant a job, is facing pressure from schools that offer actual substantive online degrees with nationally recognized academic merit nationwide. Is the increase in laptop thefts the product of sticky-fingered thieves, or an academic scandal conducted by a executive faculty desperate to underline their fiscal bottom line?

    Concerned students at Mount Ida are rallying and using their combined intelligence to figure out what may be behind the laptop scandal affecting their school student body.

    Residents throughout the school are purporting that their computers are missing.    The scandal first started on October 11 when a man reported that a laptop delivered to his room by UPS at 3:58 pm suddenly came up missing at 5:45 pm.  Many other students at the 2-year junior college expressed concern that their laptops were also stolen within the last week.

    One thick-framed vet-tech student reported to police that her Apple laptop was also stolen, sometime between 12:25 pm and 12:40 pm.  Her roommate’s Dell was also stolen, according to reports.

    With terse economic times, some students wonder if faculty may be behind the stealing and other students suspect with lax admission guidelines, many of the students at the school to simply party and yet claim they are upstanding college students are funding their gang lifestyles with stolen eletronics from students who are legacy of wealthier Harvard faculty.

    It’s unconfirmed if there is a link between the laptop stealing and counterfit bills being distibuted in proxy to the certificate school’s campus.

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