• Super Silly Haiku Time!

    October 31, 2011 3:00 pm 33 comments
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  • Ask anyone who knows me about me and the first thing they will tell you is how worldy I am. It’s true! So that’s why today in my English class I suggested to my teacher that we do something crazy and foreign: Haikus. Haikus (pronounced high – coon) are a special type of Asian poem that follows the order of syllables 5-7-5. Isn’t that silly? They are lot’s of fun and even though they are chinese they are rather harmless. I hope you enjoy my haikus. Write your own in the comments!

    Christwire full of love
    Read up on your salvation
    Much love Jesus Christ

    Prancing leaping dance
    Tights expose twiddle rompus
    Male dancers are gay

    THIS ONE IS SUPER SILLY! Cause it’s true!

    Mexican woman
    Pregnant with burrito babe
    Has anchor baby

    Lesbian haircut
    It looks like Justin Bieber
    But with clam dabbles

    This one is in honor of Haiku chinese history (I like to pull the corner of my eyes while I read this one):

    Chinese rove frip frops
    Dog meat fravored rorripop
    Fry rice two dorrar

    Here is a special Emosexual Haiku that I learned about. It deviates from the traditional china 5-7-5 and is instead 6-6-6:

    Look at the Emo kid
    Is it a boy or girl
    You can never be sure

    Emosexual life
    Lover of girl Make-ups
    Even when they are boys

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