• Take Comfort, Apple Fanboys, Steve Jobs is Going to Heaven

    October 8, 2011 5:48 am 41 comments

    After the funeral of Steve Jobs, he will be sent to heaven.  While many make wild claims that Jobs’ life was ruled only by Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, it is important to remember in these times of reflection that Jobs was a man of unusual wisdom and great courage.  His legacy to America and to that of humanity will stand throughout the ages.

    During this time of reflection, it is important to remember that Buddhism doesn’t negate one from having an eternal life in heaven.   By the merit of his actions, Jobs was a man who did many good things with his life.

    Jobs was one of two Steves who launched Apple, the company that greatly revolutionized the world of communication. The first successful personal computer, the MacIntosh, was largely of Steve Jobs’ design. The calligraphy, the layout of the very nice and even font you’re reading right now, was the product of Steve Jobs’ auditing a class at Reed University.

    Jobs dropped out of school after only one semester, but still lived on campus and slept on the floor of friends and received free meals at a Buddhist temple to survive. The one course in calligraphy left an impression on Jobs, a small component of all the other changes this visionary man would bring to the world.

    After a power struggle at Apple, Jobs unleashed the powerful NeXT server, a type of computer that would allow ‘interconnections’, that is, the foundations of modern computers as we know them. The computer featured a port for ethernet connection and showed Jobs viewing computers not only as powerful computational machines, but self-contained machines that could allow people to communicate, share information and ‘see the world’ through these devices.

    That dream Jobs kept alive when he was brought back to Apple as CEO, in an acquisition of NeXT, and implemented in the i series of devices. iPhone, iPad, as President Obama said, the most telling part of Jobs’ legacy may be that his death was made instantly known to millions by virtue of a device that he created.

    Jobs is a titan of creation and a testament to the power of innovation in America. He’ll go down in history as a revolutionary in the world of technology, a man who valued design, spirituality and attention to detail in his creation. An adopted child who went from sleeping penniless on a friend’s floor at a college to earning over $8.7 billion in personal worth.

    And a guy who made Apple, even though it may always be called commie by us Windows guys. Whatever you have to say about products, there is no denying that Jobs was lost way too early but his mark on humanity will be forever known, even when his name may be far removed from the very technology he created. We may never know who invented the wheel, but we know it is vital for our lifestyle.

    And one day, people may not quite know right off who invisioned a world of sleek, hand-held devices that allow them to communicate, be entertained and have a portal to unlimited knowledge at any point in time, but they will use it and be appreciated. And as such, known or unknown, the mark of Steve Jobs will be a universal constant in the enduring path of humanity.

    With such a noble life and being such a great mark on America, anyone who dares not say rest in peace to this great man, and wish him an eternity in heaven, is surely a miserable dolt.

    Rest in peace and may angels lead you in, Steve Jobs.  May angels lead you in.

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