• Tasmanian Devils In-Dangered From Gay Cancer, Scientists Report

    October 12, 2011 3:18 am 14 comments

    Many liberal naturalism aetheists often put forth the idea that homogay behavior is observed in nature, and so that makes it acceptable in human society. Besides the obvious problem with that really stupid, uneducation ignoramus argument, scientiests have found a perfect example of the destructive and corruptive nature of Gay Forces in nature:

    The Tasmanian Devil!

    This Marshupial (Marshupial Tasmanius) lives on mainland Australia and surrounding places of land surrounded on all sides completely by water, islands. As a Christian Student studying the biological sciences of God, I felt equipped to report on primary literature provided in my Christian universities research labs databases.
    These animals could go extinct within the next 25 years due to a cancerous disease ravaging the Tasmian anus. This disease is called Tasmanian Devil Fecal Facial Tumour Disease, or Gay DTFD for short.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the stomach to post the pictures as they are very disgusting, however curious readers can use a Googler.

    What are the symptoms of this disease?

    -Tumors appearing on the face, especially on the snout.
    -Tumors on the anus and inside the anus and all around the anus.
    -Certain death

    What causes this terrible disease?

    -As the symptoms may have already suggested to you readers, the diseases is contracted from perhaps the worst kind of gay docking there is. Even worse than the barbarians phallus thrust into the anti-womb is the backside French kiss gay make out session performed everyday by all gay humans and animals.

    In fact, the Tasmanian fecal buffet is so prevalent in the populations that normal methods of culling performed on diseased livestock are not feasible at the rate that the ass-mouth disease is spreading.

    We should take this ass a lesson from nature (and perhaps from God himself) and not allow our Gay Problem to persist as far as it has in Australia.

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