• Terrifying: Demon Possessed Family Cat Nearly Kills two Wild Florida Alligators!

    October 8, 2011 8:34 pm 127 comments

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    In our nature adventure today, a demon-whacked cat is possessed of Satan and uses it’s ability to fight a wild Florida gator!

    Ordinarily, a Florida gator can grow up to 15 feet long and weigh in at over 1,000 pounds. These mighty beasts have iron deathgrip jaws, able to rip through pure steel with 3,000 pounds of pressure. The torque provided by their mighty death roll, the dramtic twists of their body with jaws clamped shut, could uproot a mighty oak tree from the ground!

    And it was on September 22 that two of these monsters emerged from the Florida swamps and onto a family picnic. While all the family knew to stay away from the watery grave, a family cat did not get the memo.

    The daughters cried and mothers cringed while the cat walked up to the mighty gator. It was time for kitty chow to appear. Fortunately a father rolled the film and we were treated to why you can never trust a cat. Look at this:

    Through the possession of Satan, a cat has savaged two Florida gators. These gators are apex predators and vital to the Florida ecosystem. Now, they are forever traumatized, frustrated by the demented paws of a Main coon kitty.

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