• The Avengers Trailer (2011)

    October 11, 2011 5:56 pm 22 comments
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  • The first movie trailer for Marvel’s “The Avengers” has hit theaters and it’s apparent that comics are still a recruiting tool of corruption.  The shoddy and obligatory music is from a demonic band called Nine Inch Nails.  Turn nine upside down and what do you have?  A six.  And the band’s name has three letters in media print.  Turn three nines upside down and what do you get:  6 6 6.  Now add that fact to someone having Nine Inch Nails, you can see it’s just another attempt to pull a black veil of lies and deceit over the eyes of children.

    In the trailer, the red head character named Jean Gray is a psychic.  She is an unholy characters that appeared in the X-men movie and was married to a ‘bisexed’ man namd Scott.  When Scott was away on his motorcycle, Jean Gray used her powers to cause a character named The Wolverine to become solid with sin and had a thrusting session with him on the movie screen, as entire family’s eyes watched.

    There is also a false god in the trailer.  Its name is Thor and it is a false god from the Norse mythology.  To this day, Norweigans practice Santeria and kill millions of animals to complete their rituals to Thor.  This movie is only going to encourage children to bow before false idols and then burn in hell.

    Robin is seen shooting arrows in the trailer as well.  Usually adorned with silky smooth stockings and shown running stiffly after a night riding the Batmobile, Robin is shooting human beings in the face with arrows and this is only the first trailer.  Just imagine how much more gay and gory this movie will be once in theaters.  To be responsible, we must ban this movie right now and forbid it from ever entering our country.

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