• The Ballad of Edward Modrake, The Man with the Demon Face

    October 3, 2011 1:26 am 6 comments

    Edward Mordrake was a man who lived in the 19th century.  History books detail Mordrake’s life status as a nobleman, a urbane man of English descent.  Unlike many of his fellows, Mordrake was also renown for one genetic anomaly, located on the back of his head:  an extra face.

    Historical accounts of Mordrake’s life reveal the face could not speak or eat, but it could laugh and it could cry. 

    Mordrake grew weary of the face.  He begged doctors to remove his ‘devil twin’, citing that during the still hours of the night, the face would whisper terrible things to him.

    Doctors at the time were terrified and dared not touch the face, let alone attempt to remove it in surgery.  Records show that Mordrake ended his life in his early twenties because he could no longer stand the torments from the face on the back of his head.

    My friends, we do not understand genetics.  We’ve seen weird genetic anamolies:  the mutant creature of Montauk, the woman with a subcutaneous horn implemented in her forhead and many others.  There are so many mutations in this world and much like this one, they seem to be of evil intent.

    Our genes are more than simple chemicals.  They are the creation of a Supreme Being but also the key to our future.  Scientists tell me that structure dictates function.  If that’s the case, we have no right being dictators.  We must not forget the things that can happen due to mutations and genetic manipulations.

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