• The Boondocks The Easy Way or the Hard Way, Blacks Finally Addressing Issue of Baggy Pants

    October 26, 2011 6:42 pm 5 comments
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  • Please do this scientific experiment for me. Go to your local mall and sit in the food court. It’s best to conduct this science on a Friday or Saturday.

    Sit there and act non-chalant, just letting people pass and go on about their lives. But take mental notes and observe every time a blood hoodlum walks by with soopy pants.

    In the black community, Soupy Sail pants is called “Busting a sag”. Black gangsters have created the style and tell their rap-cd buyers that it’s totally cool to hang your pants below your knees so everyone has to see your boxers, even if it means it slows you down when you rob a nice family’s house and cannot escape the police at crack-fueled Kenyan sprint speeds.

    There is a black cartoon named “The Boondocks” and until today, I’ve never heard of it. But today I think I love this cartoon. It has a black man on there showing the true meaning of soopy pants. In prison, a ‘man’ who is forced to be the power bottom for everyone is required to ‘bust a sag’ so everyone knows who the meat is.

    Boondocks teaches this community to all the little Jamals out there.

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