• the truth about ‘demonic’ bands

    October 28, 2011 3:53 pm 20 comments

    The truth about these ‘demonic’ bands christwire is that they are not demonic. for instance black veil brides, not black veiled brides or black veal brides consisted of 5 straight guys. some say the music is sinful, how? saviour is dedicated to the BVBarmy,” Saviour, Will be there
    When you are feeling alone, ohhh
    A saviour, for all that you do
    So you live freely without their harm” how is that sinful or demonic? knives and pens is another meaningful song.

    Bbased on the title you’d think it’s a gory song but the meaning is that lead singer, Andy biersack(not beersack)was bullied as a child and he had options of how to get through it. using a knife for self harm or pen for writing. he, of course picked pens. fallen angels, saying that they were not evil nor divine, the ultimate outcasts. on to the next band, one of my favorites, blood on the dance floor. most hate on this band because of what they have heard about the members.

    David Jesus Torres, formally known as dahvie vanity, was accused of fake rape charges by jessi slaughter. other reason people don’t like them is because their music is somewhat sexual. every artist is different, these two artists, dahvie vanity and jayy von Monroe, choose to make their music that way.

    i honestly love BOTDF, it’s my happy music. they do include curse words, and sexual meanings but they also have many song in which they don’t like: dark dreams, love sucks,find your way, you done goofed, and bewitched. none of which have sexual meanings in them. another band that is trashed is bring me the horizon, most have heard the lead singer Oliver Sykes had urinated on a woman for not having sex with him, that is not true. christwire say their album suicide season is satanic? it was made for a friend of oli’s who died unexpectedly and how he wished he could bring him back. last is asking Alexandria, they are somehow being accused for starting the riots in England. how can they had done that when they were on warped tour in america!? and why would they do that to their home? christwire needs to stop making up shit to piss people off and use commonsense!

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