• The United States of Scary Things

    October 21, 2011 5:28 am 12 comments

    Many people assumed that when America was given the Edict of Manifest Destiny, to tame the savage lands ruled by beasts unknown and painted warlords whose chanted cries unto Satan could be heard burning up thte slightest winds under a blood moon, all was safe.  It was thought that with the fall of the Indian tribes, placing them into learning centers where they could be taught proper ways of life and broken of Satanic ritual, that America was finally safe.

    And with the defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific and the USSR in the 80s, it finally seemed America was completely removed from all terror, if even for a season.

    But we know such is not true.  Terrorists still exist and eventually we will need to nuke Beinjing to ensure American dominance and no Cold War II.  But there is still a threat right in our country.

    No, not Homegrown Terrorists.  They are not the focus today.  Today, I’m talking about Unknown Terrors that will scare you senseless.

    Every state in America has one main thing that is a great danger to you.  The locals know of them and usually how to flee those dangers, but sadly, everyone does not.  Especially visitors.  America is still greately untamed my friends, but we have a constructed map that will let you know the biggest dangers presented by each and every state.  Behold:

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